The company

EMMEPI STAMPI was established in 1996 and is nowadays a leading company in the design, construction, maintenance and modification of molds for plastic, thermosets and die-casting alloys.

progettazione e costruzione stampi materie plasticheWith their twenty years of experience in the mold designing field, their owners have made up their mind to meet the challenge and face the high market demand with enthusiasm and professionalism.

The market welcomes the new approach and working method, based on human relationship and a constant synergy with the client.

The know-how acquired over the years in the design, construction, maintenance and retrofitting of molds worn out by long working processes, has made EMMEPI STAMPI a reliable partner, able to provide their customers with guidance, expertise and professionalism. We every time look for the best and most competitive solution.


EMMEPI and the respect for environmental sustainability

Corporate guidelines invite to the respect for environmental sustainability. An important step has been taken in 2010 toward a full energy independence of the company by means of a photovoltaic installation.

In December 2014 we have replaced all lighting installations with new LED technology